Associate Membership


Please find the following club information.  All membership applications are now done online.  You can find the link in the "Club Membershp" menu above, and the links are live.  If you requrie further information not found in this page, please email one of our team using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0490 66 55 20

Associte membership is designed for members of other clubs to access facilities we use at competitive prices.  This drives cost down for all, and benefits both clubs' skaters and skating in general as a sport. Some important information you may need to know is contained in this notice. Please read through this and if you have any queries about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

TRAINING TIMES - AS AT 01/09/2016  

MONDAY 6:00pm – 9.00pm
TUESDAY 4:30pm – 7.00pm
WEDNESDAY 4:30pm – 9.00pm
SATURDAY 6.00am – 9:00am
SATURDAY 11.30am – 12.30pm
(Combined Skills Class)
12.30pm – 2pm


See disclaimer on the last page

Revolutions offers:-

  • Dedicated time for Artistic Training.
    This is available to all members at any time in between classes.
  • Class activities. Skills based training to build a strong foundation for core skating skills and good basics.
  • Private lessons. Not available to Associate members.



Yearly cost to join is $10
Class costs $5 per class (no training fee needed).
Training at tier 1 costs $170 per month (if applicable)
Training at tier 2 costs $160 per month (if applicable)
Training at tier 3 costs $130 per month (if applicable)
Training at tier 4 costs $70 per month (if applicable).
Casual attendance at training sessions is up to $15 per session.
You must be an associate member or a full member to attend classes.


Training and membership fees can be paid by cheque or direct deposit. EFTPOS facilities are also available at the rink. Classes are PAYG cash payments and are paid to a club representative on the day. Tiered training  fees are a commitment month to month and can be canceled at any time by either party. Fees paid in advance for the month are not refundable.

Your support and understanding is appreciated.

Account Number 770741
Account Name Revolutions Roller Sports Club


Revolutions Club generally operates 48 weeks a year from the 2nd week in January until the 2rd week in December.


Our preferred method of communication is via email or feel free to call us on 0490 66 55 20


Please visit the Club website and ‘like’ us on Facebook “revsk8”


You are welcome to photograph/video your own child’s skating progress, either during Club time or competitions/tests, but please ensure that you don’t take photos or videos of anybody else without their permission. All Associate members are required to sign the Media Release Authority Form.


Revolutions Artistic Skating Club Inc; Wishes it to be known that in response to queries from skaters not belonging to revolutions Club, in respect of sharing general training time with Revolutions skaters, the following decision has been arrived at by the committee of management for Revolutions Club.

1/Skaters must be a full member of another skating club (their primary club) and also a competitive member of Skate Australia

2/ Skaters not enrolled as members, competitive members or otherwise with Revolutions may, after due consideration in each instance of application by the committee, be permitted to share Revolutions club general training times on two out of three currently scheduled training days.

3/ Such skaters will pay a small fee yearly to become ‘Associate Members’ of Revolutions Club and thereafter be able to share skating time, up to 4 times per week, with regular Club members.

4/ Associate Members will not be able to utilise the services of any Revolutions coach, nor may they bring their own regular coach to the sessions they have opted for. They will simply be able to train with Revolutions skaters, subject to the usual floor protocols.

5/ Associate members on a tiered training rate will be required to pay the regular fees per month as the newly applicable tiered membership rates call for and those opting for the lesser days permissible will thus pay the appropriate lower tier membership rate.

6/ Associate Members will not have a vote in any meeting that is organised for and by Revolutions Skating Club Inc; Nor will they receive newsletters issued by Revolutions Skating Club Inc;

7/ The management committee of Revolutions Skating Club Inc, Reserves the right to refuse entry to this scheme to any applicant should the committee feel that it may not be in the Clubs best interests to accept the application. In any such instance, reasons for refusal will not be disclosed to the applicant.

8/ The management committee also reserves the right to withdraw this training privilege should any Associate Member act in a manner deemed to be incompatible with the best interests of Revolutions Skating Club Inc; In such an instance the joining fee will not be refundable.

9/ Revolutions Skating Club Inc; In setting up this open house policy, undertakes to make no attempts whatsoever to encourage Associate Members to change their club allegiances, or to seek training by Revolutions coaches, as this would be contrary to the Sports best interests.

Membership application available  online here