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Please find the following club information.  All membership applications are now done online.  You can find the link in the "Club Membership" menu above, and the links are live.  If you require further information not found on this page, please email one of our team using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by phone on 0490 66 55 20

The Club Committee wishes you all the best for this year, especially in your skating endeavours. Some important information you may need to know is contained in this notice. Please read through this and if you have any queries about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.


MONDAY 6:00pm – 9.00pm
TUESDAY 4:30pm – 7.00pm
WEDNESDAY 4:30pm – 9.00pm
SATURDAY 6.00am – 9:00am
SATURDAY 11.30am – 12.30pm
(Combined Skills Class)
12.30pm – 2pm

Revolutions Club generally operates 48 weeks a year from the 2nd week in January until the 2nd week in December. Training operates on 4 Tiers (explained further in the document).


 To train with us, members need to contribute toward the cost of hiring our venue. We call this our training fee. As new members to our sport, once you approach Star 4 level you are welcome to make application to join our club and use all the services that the club offers. This is to ensure that skaters have reached a minimum level of competency for safety reasons and keeping your costs down.

Revolutions offers:-

  • Dedicated time for Artistic Training.
    This is available to all members at any time in between classes and your own individual private lessons (if applicable).
  • Class activities. Skills based training to build a strong foundation for core skating skills and good basics. All new members should attend the classes to build these skills.
  • Private lessons. All private lesson and class tutors are Accredited Coaches with Skate Australia or student coaches actively acquiring their qualifications. The student coaches are constantly supervised by Advanced, Elite and Mentor level accredited coaches.

All Revolutions skaters receive half price admission to all Digi public skating sessions upon presentation of your membership card to Digi staff.


There are two bodies that you need to be a member of in order to skate with us

  1. Revolutions (Our Club)
  2. Skate Australia/Queensland (Our National/State sporting body).

Membership of Revolutions in 2017 can be as individuals at $35 or $70 per family per year.
Membership of Skate Australia in 2017 is $100 for the year (Competitive) or $75 per year (Development). Development allows members to participate in the 2016 Christmas show skate and bronze level proficiency tests. The Skate Australia membership is necessary from a registration and insurance standpoint. Membership fees to Skate Australia are paid through us when you join and expire at the end of each skating year.

Joining Skate Australia after November 1st, gives you a full 14 months of membership of the national association (through to December  of the following calendar year).



Each 1 hour class costs $5.00.


Private lessons cost  vary a little, however the average price is $10 or less per 15 minutes. Group lessons are also available which can assist in lowering costs.

Other basic costs that should be considered are leotards, stockings, skates themselves and there are small fees to enter competitions when that time comes. We try very hard to keep costs down and we would be on par or cheaper than most other sports.


Fee Type Amount
Club Membership fee for 2017 (Normally $35/single and $70/family) $35
National sporting body fee Development level (once per year) $75-$100
Weekly ongoing training cost (Can be paid weekly or monthly) From $12.80 per week
Additional family members that join the club receive 20% discount from the training fee above, however still need to pay the full price for the National sporting body and classes.
Classes (Per Class)   $5

Training and membership fees can be paid by cheque or direct deposit. EFTPOS facilities are also available (See Greg). Classes and private lessons are PAYG cash payments. Club membership and associated fees are a commitment for the calendar year and we calculate fees based on club commitments vs projected income. Your support and understanding is appreciated.

You can see that weekly costs for everything converted to a weekly cost starts at around  $30 per week,  which includes membership(s), training, classes and lessons.

Who, where, how and when to pay costs

  1. Training fees are invoiced monthly and go to the club bank account. Invoices are COD and should be paid as soon as possible.
  2. Class fees are paid on the day of participation and a committee member will collect payment.
  3. Coaches lesson fees (if applicable) are paid directly to coaches on the day.
Account Number 770741
Account Name Revolutions Roller Sports Club


Our preferred method of communication is via email or private facebook message through our members only Facebook page, however you may also contact us via our permanent phone number (0490 66 55 20). To stay up to date with information, please make sure you check your emails regularly. We also post updates to our Facebook page and web site.


Please visit the Club website www.revolutions.asn.au and ‘like’ us on Facebook “revsk8”


Please see our policy and procedure document for the full statement on photos/videoing.

What is Tiered training?

Our members and people looking to become members come from all walks of life and rigid training hours or arrangements may not be suitable for people. We try to cater for the needs of as many people as possible so that we can accommodate people’s love for our sport.

In its simplest form:-

  • Tier 1 is the top tier training and operates 4 days per week.
  • Tier 2 is the intermediate tier and operates 3 days per week.
  • Tier 3 is the elementary tier and operates 2 days per week.
  • Tier 4 is the novice tier and operates 1 day per week.

Tier 4 is split up into Development and Competitive.
Casual attendance at training sessions is up to $15 per session
(to attend attitional days not in your fee package).

Tier 4  (Development) is a non-competitive structure.  To be in Tier 4d, Saturday is the only day available, and Saturday lunchtime class is compulsory.

As a club, we train 4 days per week in total and as a Tier 4c, 3 or Tier 2 member you can decide what day(s) best suit you. You nominate your day(s) and you can change your day(s) should your circumstances change. It’s really very flexible and simple.

Here it is for you in more detail,



Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Trains 4 days per week

Trains 3 days per week

Trains 2 days per week

Trains 1 day per week

Can attend all 4 training days per week.  

Can attend any 3 of the 4 training days per week.   Days must be nominated.

Can attend any 2 of the 4 training days per week.   Days must be nominated.

(4c) Train any one single day of choice the club offers.
(4d) Train Saturday only, Class attendance is required

This is a competitive Tier

This is a competitive Tier

This is a competitive Tier

(4c) is a competitive tier.
(4d is a non-competitive tier.

Aimed at skaters training for States, Nationals or higher

Aimed at skaters training for States, Nationals or higher

Aimed at skaters at local league levels

Aimed at social and development skaters or those interested in the most basic of competitive skating.  This Tier is split into competitive and development (4c and 4d)

Can compete, do showskate and seminars

Can compete, do showskate and seminars

Can compete, do showskate and seminars

Tier 4c can compete, do showskate and seminars.
Tier 4d can only do showskate and train/have lessons/classes.

Can only move down Tiers at the end of the calendar year

Can move forward to Tier 1.
Can move backward to Tier 2 at the end of any month.  Cannot move below Tier 2 until the end of the calendar year

Can move forward to Tier 2 or Tier 1.

One backward tier movement allowed per calendar year

(ie from Tier 1 back to Tier 2 or Tier 2 back to Tier 3).  Cannot move below Tier 3 until the end of the calendar year

Can move forward to Tier 3, Tier 2 or Tier 1. Tier 4d can move to Tier 4c.

One backward Tier movement allowed per calendar year (ie from Tier 1 back to Tier 2, or Tier 2 back to Tier 3).

Tier 4c cannot move backward to Tier 4d.  This is a skate Australia restriction. This is because once you become a competitive member of Skate Australia, you can’t be development again.

Tier 4d is only available for the first 12 months of Skate Australia membership.

Planned cost for 2017 @ $155/month

Planned cost for 2017 @ $145/month

Planned cost for 2017 @ $115/month

Planned cost for 2017 @ $55 (4d) or $60 (4c)/month

Can have private lessons with coaches

Can have private lessons with coaches

Can have private lessons with coaches

Can have private lessons with coaches




Fund Raising Activities.

Revolutions conducts fund raising activities throughout the year. In an effort to spread the burden amongst members equally, the mananagment committee keeps a register of participation. It is an expectation that members will make themselves available to contribute toward events where needed. With all members contributing evenly, the requirement for each member is lowered and the spread of effort amongst our members is fairly shared.

Eligibility to join.

To join our club as an artistic skater, you must have either attained a Star 3 level at any accredited Learn to Skate program (any rink), or be able to demonstrate an ability to skate at that level (ie skaters coming back to the sport or people that can already skate proficiently). The rink operated learn to skate programs offer a fun and safe way to learn how to skate while also grounding skaters in the basics of good technique. Our coaches can make a determination of skaters looking to join and offer advice as to the best placement either in the Learn to Skate Program, or for entrance directly into the Club. In other words, based on an individual’s history/skill, you may be able to skip some star levels or enter the Club directly.

Exemptions to fees

Training fee exemptions must be applied for and medical certificates are required. A separate certificate is required per calendar month that an exemption is sought.


Revolutions Management Committee wishes all our skaters the best for the current skating year!


Membership application form available online here