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Fundraising money request

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Guardian's Name(*)
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Skaters under 18 need authorisation from a parent or guardian to use fund raising money.

What is the name of the person applying?(*)
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In the field above, please enter the applicant's name, so we know who is applying. If you are the guardian, then your child is the applicant, else you are the applicant.

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Replies are sent to this address as well as a copy of this submission.

Paying club fees or seeking to reimburse invoices for skating costs other than club costs.(*)

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This tells us where to apply your fund raising money.
Valid reimbursement is for all skating related costs from Revolutions, Skate Australia, Skate QLD, All interstate travel related costs and skating equipment. All costs require an invoice, so if the fee or cost is not through the club(Ie Skatetrader parts, hire car, airline tickets etc), then you will need to upload a copy of the invoice through this form.

The amount requested is(*)
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Enter an amount here or just type "Use all" if you would like to apply as much as your fund raising balance will allow.

What competition, test or club/association fee month are you wanting to pay for or reduce?(*)
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In the above answer, we simply need to know where to apply your funds in the system (against what cost), for example you may specify an exact month training fee.

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The above calendar tells us when to transfer money for you.
To transfer money ASAP, use today's date.

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Upload copies of your invoices for non Digi or Revolutions expenses (ie sktatrader skate purchases, flights and accommodation if travelling interstate for skating etc).
Up to 3 invoices can be uploaded

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BSB Number(*)
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Are you the authorised party for this aplication (either the guardian or the applicant)(*)
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By selecting the above check-box you certify that you are the authorised party for the applicant or that you are the applicant and that by clicking on the submit button (BELOW), depending upon the circumstances the requested funds will be either

  • Transferred to you from the associated fund raising account.
  • Used to offset club or association fees.
  • Paid directly to businesses where invoices are supplied.

    If invoices cannot be supplied with/on this form money will be transferred when documents can be supplied to the Treasurer.
    If you are paying club or Skate QLD/Australia fees, no invoices are required.