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Nationals Nomination Acceptance Form

I accept my nomination for National titles for this calendar year and wish to be on the team.
I agree to pay all nomination fees to the club by Friday May 12th(*)
You must agree to be able to continue

By proceeding, you will indicate whether or not you are willing to attend the National championships this year.
You also are verifying that you understand that costs are payable promptly to the club, and should you accept, a tracksuit purchase is required if you do not have one already. From time to time Skate Queensland will update the tracksuit and this may invalidate the use of some previous designs at official functions (including march pasts). Fees for Nationals are usually a registration fee to enter and then a nomination fee per event similar to other competitions, except the costs are higher.
Fees for Nationals must be paid to the club prior to the due date. Skate Queensland will only accept nominations for skaters who we can forward payment for, please pay by due dates. This can not be stressed highly enough.

If you decline there are a few basic fields to fill in.
Nomination fees are due to the club by Monday, May 14th.
This form needs to be returned today to get the process started.
Thank you for your time and assistance.

Accept or Decline Nominations(*)

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For what skating year is the nomination(*)
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Nationals is in which City(*)
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Personal Details

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First event nominated(*)
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Do you need a Queensland Tracksuit this year(*)
Let us know for reference whether or not you need a tracksuit

Let us know for reference whether or not you need a tracksuit

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