Seminar Nomination Form

Seminar Nomination Form

Welcome to the Seminar Nomination Acceptance/Registration and/or EOI form. Please fill in the below fields. If you miss a required field, the form will not submit until all required fields are completed.

Please enter the name of the nominated person(*)
Please enter the skater's name in this field

Will the nominated peron be attending this event(*)

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This field tells us if the nominated skater will attend the event or not.
By choosing yes, more options will appear below.

Is the nominated person under 18 or 18 and older?(*)

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By selecting '18 or older', guardian information will not be required and fields asking for that information will disappear.

Enter your name (Guardian Name)(*)
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It's lovely to know which parent or guardian to contact if further information is needed :)

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The form needs to know your email address so the confirmation message can be sent to you.

Event Type(*)
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The event is required so that we now what event you are accepting/declining.

Please enter the date (Should be pre-selected for you already)(*)
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Please select your class or attendance option(*)
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Let us know in the above field in which capacity or option you will attend the seminar. Coaches and officials should also fill in this field.

Please select your private lesson options(*)

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As a coach, please select your accreditation level(*)

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Please select your accreditation level, it affects the cost for you to attend.

Who would you like to share your private lesson with(*)

As you are sharing a lesson, this is a required option for the paperwork

What is the person 's name for the shared lesson(*)
If you are sharing a lesson, the name of that person is required for the paperwork

Which club is the shared lesson member from(*)
Please enter the club so it can be included on paperwork

Use funds from my personal fund raising if available funds exist.

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We will contact you if you have insufficient funds for full payment

By checking this box, I state that I am the person as indicated above and that I am the skater **OR** the legal guardian of the skater. (*)
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By checking this box, I understand that monies are paid to Revolutions Club and in turn are transferred to Skate Queensland Artistic Committee. Such monies may not be transferrable or refundable once nominations are received (See requirements Documentation for details)(*)
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* I agree that all information provided in this form is valid and acknowledge that I will receive an invoice for this event, and that all money owed for this event will be paid in full prior to the cutoff date provided by Skate Queensland(*)
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