Training Fee Exemption Form

Training Fee Exemption form

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Exemptions on medical grounds that meet the criteria and have a valid medical certificate will be approved without challenge.
Financial hardship exemptions will be considered in consultation with the member(s) concerned prior to a decision.
There are no other grounds whereby Revolutions offers a training fee exemption.
An application does not guarantee an approval.

Will you upload a medical certificate with this form?(*)

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In some instances a medical certificates will be required, if you have one, it is best to upload it just in case.

I understand training fee exemptions may not be given without a certificate from a medical professional(*)

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Some injuries or sickness is obvious ie a fracture in a cast, and a medical certificate would not be required. For subtle injuries or sickness, please consider uploading or supplying a medical certificate as soon as possible.

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I am either the skater, guardian of the skater or other person authorised to submit this form on behalf of the skater(*)

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Training fees are a year long commitment.
Applications for training fee exemptions are considered on a case by case basis.
Ongoing training fee exemptions need to applied for each month at the start of the month.
By checking this box you agree to keep us updated. Applications not received by the 5th of the month will result in a training fee invoice being issued.(*)

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